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“As a child, growing up “off the grid” in the jungle of Hana, my only connection to the outside world was through the stories of travelers, or the stacks of magazines my parents collected. It was through these pictures of distant surf breaks and portraits of ancient cultures that I fell in love with photography. Since then I have followed my passion and made it my career. After receiving a photojournalism degree from Southern Oregon University, I blended my love of photography and travel, documenting the people and places that surrounded me. Today I am blessed, living at home in Hana, creating images that are cherished for a lifetime, and making new friends along the way. ”
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My Philosophy

Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for taking the time to view my work.  Being a Maui Wedding Photographer is more than a job,  I love what I do and hopefully that comes across in the images you see here.  This is your biggest day, the last thing I want is for you to think back and remember it as a photo shoot. The more in love and in the moment you are, the better I can do my job. I see a wedding as the collection of details, people, and moments that tell the larger story. In the end, telling that story is my goal. So that you, your family, guests, and anyone who might not have been able to attend, will be able to relive the day for a lifetime. But above all, you should enjoy the day,it should be FUN!

The Way I Work

I like to think of myself in 2 parts, part war correspondent and part wedding crasher. While shooting your Maui Wedding day, I try to be everywhere, anticipating moments before they happen and composing on the move, much the way a photojournalist works. I am also part wedding crasher, attempting to fit in to the crowd and add to the festive nature of the day. In a sense I am a professional wedding crasher, and I thank you in advance for my piece of cake (I do love cake) . But don’t get me wrong, I am a man on a mission, a mission to capture the true essence of your day. And in that mission, things can get dirty. Maui can be hot and humid, especially in the Summer months. Therefore my attire might not be your conventional “all black” wedding attire. I prefer leather sandals over loafers, light colors over dark, and in the end am just trying not to melt while carrying three cameras and walking as much as 5 miles. Fortunately, I will probably not grace the pages of your wedding album.

Things to Think About

First off, if you are planning a Hawaii destination wedding with guests, a coordinator can save you a lot of time and stress. There are many amazing people that I can recommend, so don’t be afraid to ask. Second, one of the main reasons you are coming to Hawaii is for the beauty, so I recommend not planning your wedding for 2 hours of daylight and 4 hours of darkness. Being close to the equator, our sun actually sets faster, meaning the “golden hour” is really only about fifteen minutes l. That means that the better we can be poised to take advantage of that light, the better the outcome. Once night falls, the lighting of your venue can really enhance the look and feel of your photographs. As far as what you need to think of on your part, I like to put it this way, the more you are lost in the day and the love surrounding you, the better I can do my job. That being said, if you love those carefree whimsical images, then you are going to have to muster up your internal, carefree whimsical side. If you are not sure how you both feel about being in from of the camera, try practicing some of the poses you see here or on other sites in front of a mirror to see what feels comfortable. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, it probably looks that way. But don’t worry, I will be there to help you along the way.

The Way it Works

Once you decide on me as your Maui wedding photographer, the next step it to secure the date with a deposit. I will send you a contract to sign and a link to where you can securely make a deposit payment by credit card. Once your deposit and contract have been received, I put you on the calendar as confirmed and you can put a big check mark next to photographer on your list of wedding to do’s. I show up on your wedding day with camera’s and lenses strapped, an arsenal of memory cards and charged batteries, ready to document your love! Once back at the office, your images are backed up, and those backups backed up. We then hand edit each image, delivering those to you on a thumbdrive that includes a non-commercial reprint release. This is time consuming and can take several weeks. In the end, you receive all of the edited images, in color, antique, and b/w versions that you can cherish forever.

Some Kind Words

“Kaua is the most artistic, talented and truly amazing photographer I have been around! My husband has worked with many professionally and found Kaua to be above and beyond the best and this was before we had seen our pictures. The photos bring me so much joy every time I see them because they reflect our personalities. He is so amazing and took effort to find unique locations and makes everyone feel at ease! Thank you again Kaua!”

-Alison & Randy

“Kaua captured every moment and detail of our special day! I was so impressed with how knowledgeable he was with finding a variety of locations, which were mostly hidden gems, and unique shots. He was able to tell the story of our entire day in our photos. My husband absolutely dreaded having his picture taken and Kaua made him so comfortable and relaxed. There was no pressure and most of our pictures were candid shots, but so personal! No traditional “smile and say cheese” photos for us! I couldn’t have been happier and our photos, they were far beyond what I ever expected!”

-Rachel & Kris